Stewarding Human Resources

Putting People First

Wyman’s has existed as an important marketer and employer since 1874 and fully understands that the next 100 years will come with different and probably greater challenges. We remain firmly convinced that continuous improvement within the footprint we occupy is the duty we have to future generations. Here are some of the ways in which we care for our communities, both at home and away:

  • Global Food Safety: In 2011 Wyman’s began the process of moving beyond existing 3rd-party audits and toward compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Wyman’s achieved certification in April 2012, and we remain committed to a process of continuous  improvement.
  • Responsible Employer: Wyman’s recognizes its responsibility as a major employer in a rural area. Wyman’s provides competitive wages, and above average benefits, including paying 77% of health insurance premiums, and supporting retirement savings through an annual profit sharing payment and a 401k one-to-one match of up to 5% of pay.
  • Living Well at Wyman’s: Our wellness campaign began in 2010 and incentivizes employees to lose weight, exercise or quit smoking. In 2011 there were 41 winners, up 14 from 2010 and cash awards amounted to $20,500.
  • Seasonal Workers: The wild blueberry industry has the reputation for providing the most lucrative work in the migrant experience and Wyman’s is the pre-eminent seasonal work employer in our industry. Wyman’s uses the E-verify program for work eligibility. During 2011, Wyman’s rakers earned approximately $20.00/hr. They receive free, clean housing that is near the fields and Wyman’s provides free rent and cooking gas to two portable cantinas that provide low-cost cooked meals. Seasonal factory workers receive a minimum of $9.00 per hour and with necessary over-time earn over $900/week. Free housing is also provided.
  • The Wyman’s Cup: At the end of the harvest the Wyman’s Cup soccer tournament is held on the compound field with teams made up of players from the USA, Mexico and Honduras. In 2011 Honduras won the Wyman’s Cup for the 3rd consecutive year.
  • All full-time and part-time employees receive turkeys for Thanksgiving and Wyman’s declared in December 2011 a Fuel Assistance contribution of $80,000, benefitting most full-time and part-time workers and Wyman's retirees.
  • Community Engagement: Wyman’s is an underwriter and sponsor of important community groups such as Women’s Health Resource Library ($40,000 over 5 years), Maine Coast Memorial Hospital ($30,000 over 5 years). Wyman’s also pledged $20,000 in fuel assistance to the community via the Maine Seacoast Mission. Wyman’s 2011 contributions totaled $75,000 to over 60 organizations in our communities ranging from Ducks Unlimited (ME & PEI) to the local high schools, historical societies and libraries.
  • Tsunami Relief: Having an important and longstanding supply position in Japan with many of the leading yogurt and jam producers, Wyman’s in May 2011 presented the Japan Red Cross with a $25,000 check to assist in recovery from the devastating tsunami.