People & Planet

Recommended by Future Generations

Sustainability rests on the principle that the needs of the present must be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

It is Wyman’s core belief that Economic Profitability, Environmental Health and Social Equity together build a sustainable company future. Succeeding in this mission requires that we continuously improve our stewardship of both natural and human resources.  This includes our dedicated focus on the protection of honey bees. Remember, No Bees, No Berries!

Stewarding our vital natural resources means enhancing and protecting our soil, water and air­—for the long term.  This vision extends beyond agriculture to include our processing plants, distribution network and sales systems.

Stewarding our human resources includes protecting consumer health and safety now, and in the future­—improving the welfare of our employees and their rural communities, and helping the small farms that sell to Wyman’s.