Wyman's Canada

Wyman's is a major grower and processor of wild blueberries in Canada, with thousands of acres of fields and a fully functioning processing plant located in Prince Edward Island.  We invite you to contact us for information about our Canadian operations. We look forward to meeting your needs for premium IQF frozen fruit products.

Contact us about these Wyman's products:

  • IQF Wild Blueberries, 5 kg.
  • IQF Wild Blueberries 13.5 kg
  • IQF Whole Cranberries, 5 kg.
  • IQF Asparagus Spears, 5 kg.
  • IQF Asparagus Cuts & Tips, 12 kg.
  • IQF Apple Slices,  2/2.5kg
  • IQF Red Raspberries, 5 kg.
  • IQF Whole Strawberries, 5 kg.
  • IQF Mixed Berries,  5 kg.
  • IQF Blackberries, 5 kg.
  • IQF Sliced Peaches, 5 kg.
  • IQF Berry Blend 4 Pack, 1/10 kg
  • IQF Mango Chunks, 2/2.5 kg.
  • IQF Banana Slices, 2/2.5 kg.