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Wyman’s Recipes When you’ve got Wyman’s in your freezer, it’s easy to create something fruity and delicious. Not to mention the fruit is always ready to go! Why waste time washing, peeling, coring, slicing, or even thawing when you could be DEVOURING? Get To It

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About Us

About Wyman’s Wyman's is a family owned company, and a leader in the frozen fruit category. In fact, over the course of many generations, the company has perfected the science of fresh freezing fruit to maintain optimum flavor and nutritional benefits. Its signature brand, Wyman's of Maine, is recognized as setting the quality standard for premium frozen fruit. Wyman's frozen fruits are not just good to eat, but are always perfectly ripe and deliciously in season. Wyman’s remains committed to sustainability through the people and the planet by stewarding human and natural resources. We also have a dedicated focus on the protection of honeybees, those little worker bees that are essential in the creation of your favorite fruits.

Learn more about our history and full product line of fresh frozen fruits here.